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Chinese Christmas Songs

With the development of Internet and the globalization, more and more Chinese become Christian. On the other hand, the shopping centers in China treat Christmas as a great commercial revenue-generating opportunity. Generally speaking, varieties of reasons cause the popularization of Christmas in China.

During the Christmas season, the Christmas songs are played everywhere, high level office buildings in the major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are covered by holiday decorations. When going along the Chang An Avenue where is in the center of Beijing on December, you can find huge Christmas trees almost every 50 meters; Santa, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf, are ubiquitous in every shopping mall, of course, along with the Christmas sales.

Christmas songs as one important component of Christmas are also widespread in China. There are mainly two kinds of Christmas songs have been spread out in China. The first kind is the traditional Christmas song, most of them are translated from the English version; another kind are the songs related with Christmas and written in a relatively recent time period, they are usually pop songs sung by pop singers.

During the first categories, "Jingle Bells", "we wish you a merry Christmas" and "silent Night" are the most popular songs in China, basically, all the shopping mall will play those songs all day long around Christmas. First, the tones of those songs are very easy to remember and highly repeatable; second, the bouncy tones are suitable for the holiday mood. Those kinds of Christmas songs are very popular around the holiday season, basically, majority of the people in China could sing those songs or at least familiar with the tones.

For the second type, most of those songs are just popular during the youth. Those songs are usually successful pop songs which are related with Christmas, such as "last Christmas" and "white Christmas". However, there are very few songs sung by Chinese singers are related with Christmas.

Just like Japan, Christmas in China is less a family religious festival and more a commercial and couple-centric holiday, young couples buy gifts for each other to express their affection. Another reason for this phenomenon is Chinese do not used to sing holiday songs during holiday. Chinese do have songs about some holidays, but majority Chinese just listen to them and do not sing by themselves. Christmas is around New Year, most of Chinese treat New Year more serious. The Christmas, is a little unimportant celebration in China. Just like Chinese New Year in America, most of Chinese know the existing of Christmas; however, they usually do not celebrate it formally.

The third reason is most of Chinese do not have religion background, even for the Chinese Christian; they just consider Jesus as an alternative for China's Buddha. The majority of Chinese do not have any religion, they do not believe in Buddha, let alone the Jesus; by the way, most Chinese do not know the difference between Jews and Christians, they think there is one major religion in Western world, and the god of that religion is God, that's all. Christmas just mean "fashion" and "international" to lots of the Chinese, so the Christmas tunes just like pop songs to them.

In conclusion, most of Christmas songs spread in china are just like pop songs, and the unoriginal of Christmas carols and tunes is doomed in a country like China.