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60s Christmas Songs

The 1960's were a great period for Christmas songs. Many of these songs that were written and recorded during this time are still enjoyed today. Even youngsters in this day and age can sing along with the lyrics to some of the 1960's best Christmas Songs.

The 1950's brought us many great new Christmas songs which the 1960's continued. Some might call it a 'boom' of new Christmas songs being written and produced during this decade. In the early 1960's,  many new songs as well as new recordings of traditional songs made their way onto the radios around the world. Some of the most notable Christmas songs written from 1960 to 1964 include, "Please Come Home For Christmas", "Baby's First Christmas", "Baby It's Cold Outside", "Little Saint Nick" and "White Christmas".

The later half of the decade proved to be just as chalk-full of Christmas hits as the first half with songs being recorded such as, "Silver Bells", "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy", "Merry Christmas, Baby" and "Stay Away". 
The 1960's introduced us to many classics which are played year after year. These wonderful songs are predicted to be enjoyed for many decades to come.