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Cowboy Christmas Songs

Christmas music comes in all different types and styles. If you are surprised to hear that there is a such genre as 'cowboy Christmas music', then I will give you a little bit of information on the topic. Western style holiday songs are a little break from the traditional Christmas hymns that are in existence and they have a very distinct sound. As you might have guessed, the style sounds a lot like American country music, which the cowboys love.

There are many albums which feature cowboy Christmas songs. One notable album is Michael Martin Murphy's, 'Cowboy Christmas'. It is chalk full of great western style holiday songs which will bring out the rough and tumble side to any city slicker. Some of the tracks on this album include, "Merry Texas Christmas You All", "Ridin' Home On Christmas Eve", "Christmas Cowboy Style", and many other westernized traditional Christmas classics.

Another great Christmas theme for cowboys would be to incorporate Red Foxworthy's 'red neck' songs into the mix. Many cowboys love these songs and they are great to listen to for a good laugh during the holidays. In order for everyone to have a great time at Christmas, it is important to involve songs which can speak to a wide variety of people. Cowboy Christmas songs could be a hit if you are entertaining any country music fans over the holidays.