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Tagalog Christmas Songs

Jingle bells are ringing and you feel the chill of Christmas air together with the tagalog Christmas songs sung by children. Long lines at department stores, Christmas carols playing on repeat and shopping bags full of kiddie presents, these signs make you think that the Yuletide season is drawing near.

Christmas in the Philippines is proclaimed to be the longest and merriest in the world. As early as September, joyful Christmas carols are played over the radio and this continues nonstop until the first Sunday of January, or the Feast of the Three Kings.

The celebration of Yuletide in the Philippines wouldn't be as festive without Christmas carols. Filipino children in small groups go from house to house to sing Filipino Christmas songs, which they call pangangaroling. To make it merrier and more spirited, they sing carols with the accompaniment of makeshift instruments like tambourines and maracas. In the neighborhood, it is common to hear amateur kid carolers every night during the holiday season.

With the traditional chant of "Namamasko po", these young carolers expect the homeowners to reward them with coins or candies. Being delighted by the reward, they thank the homeowners by singing "Thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo (you are so kind), thank you"

Christmas songs in the Philippines reflect the jubilant spirit of Yuletide in the country. Basically, it portrays the kind of Christmas celebration that Filipinos have. However, there are songs that reflect loneliness for those whose love ones are far away.

Tagalog Christmas songs create very inspiring interpretations. They depict the joyful mood of all Filipinos during Christmas, or they show the sadness in the hearts of some lovers.

Among the most popular Tagalog Christmas songs are: Noche Buena, Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Sa May Bahay ang Aming Bati, Pasko na Sinta Ko, Pasko na Naman, and Himig ng Pasko. 1. Noche Buena It is one of the favorite Tagalog Christmas songs sung by carolers as they serenade families in every house. Noche Buena is a Filipino celebration wherein a family eats together and exchange gifts during the night of Christmas Eve. Composed by Professor Felipe Padilla de Leon, the song portrays about the feasts that Filipinos usually prepare during Noche Buena.

  1. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit Composed by Levi Celerio, it is a timeless Christmas song which has caught the Filipino Christmas spirit more than any Tagalog songs. It is a popular Christmas carol for its amusing rhymes. The message of the song is the love brought by Jesus Christ during Christmas day.

  2. Sa May Bahay ang Aming Bati When it comes to caroling, it is the first song that comes in mind. It is usually sung by children to start the caroling. The message of this Tagalog Christmas song is to show a warm Christmas greeting to the home being caroled.

  3. Pasko na Sinta Ko It is a sentimental Christmas song by Francis Dandan. This song expresses the utmost longing of a person for an absent sweetheart on Christmas. Although Christmas is supposed to be a day of merriment, this song makes its way through the hearts of lonely lovers.

  4. Pasko na Naman This song is usually heard during home serenades on Christmas season. Composed by Felipe de Leon and lyrics by Levi Celerio, it is a song about rejoicing that Christmas is here once again. The song portrays the feeling of excitement and cheerful joy that all Filipinos experience whenever the holiday season is drawing near.

  5. Himig ng Pasko Compared to the usual native Christmas carols, this song is mellower and gives a relaxing feeling. Interpreted by Apo Hiking Society, the pleasant melody and harmony of voices gives a peaceful feeling to listeners. The song depicts the extreme delight that Christmas brings to all of us.